Why Call Priority Care Hawaii for Urgent Care?


Injuries and illnesses are troublesome enough and experiencing these conditions when far from home is even more stressful. Priority Care Hawaii delivers prompt and professional medical urgent care services to travelers and local residents in Kona, Waikoloa and surrounding areas. We come to your hotel, vacation rentals or home within our service area to provide urgent medical care.

Dr. Laura takes the time to answer all your questions and work WITH you. Our patients understand their options through shared decision-making.

Priority Care Hawaii utilizes professional language interpretation services for over 200 languages and maintains easy telephone access for patients after the initial visit when problems persist or questions arise.

Visitors and residents have difficulty obtaining rapid access to care by local physicians and are faced with long drives or ambulance costs for care in the ER. We offer a faster and  more affordable alternative for those requiring urgent care.



Our charges are less than or equal to the cost of an ER “facility fee” – the hidden price applied the moment you sign in!

Emergency room costs are difficult to quantify and the patient is blinded to costs upon entry. The standard insurance “co-pay” can be several hundred dollars additional. Most insurance companies pay only a percentage of the total costs or require huge deductibles.

According to recent national surveys, the average in-network cost of an emergency room visit is over $2000 and depending on severity could reach $20,000 or more! An average ambulance ride in Hawaii costs over $1,000, according to the Hawaii State Department of Health and the Emergency Medical Services Division of the city of Honolulu Emergency Services Department. (2013)


Zero patient travel required – we come to you! Save long ER waits and the lengthy, painful drive to the hospital.  Dr. Laura will come directly to you at your hotel, vacation rental, home, workplace or injury scene.

According to the Pulse Report on “emergency departments,” in 2009 patients spent an average of four hours and seven minutes in the ER. More recent surveys reveal up to 6 hours or longer before being treated.


Your personal health is a priority! Receive medical care and personal treatment in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Avoid sick patients in ER waiting rooms. Every year, about 2 million people get sick and approximately 23,000 die from super bugs that are acquired in doctors’ offices and hospitals, according to the CDC.

Dr. Laura and her team are committed to providing you with immediate, personal attention for the best medical care, saving ambulance costs and the stress of being a number at the ER.