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Adam & Ghazi Taki

Dr. Laura treated us with AMAZING accuracy and availability!

Adam & Ghazi TakiFounders of Amazing Taste FoodsAmazing Taste
Chandra & Jeff Gero

Dr. Laura diagnosed and treated Chandra in the middle of a weekend holiday night for a painful condition, allowing Chandra to be in the comfort of our own environment, verses suffering the travel and waiting in a local jammed ER. You were so kind and concerned.

Thank you Dr. Laura for your compassionate and wonderful care!

Chandra & Jeff GeroYoga & Meditation Teachers | National Motivational SpeakersJeff Gero Ph.D.
Lisa Harrison

Dr. Laura saved and changed my LIFE!!! She is a Fantastic diagnostician. Her thoroughness and compassion lead to critical diagnoses that had been missed for years by others … It is with gratitude and respect that I recommend her to anyone so lucky as to receive her care.

Lisa HarrisonActress, Best Vocal Coach, Backstage MagazineLisa Harrison Voice
Dennis Alexio

After stitches by Laura Moiré, MD: “I healed without a scar!”

Dennis AlexioMartial Artist/Kickboxer | 6-time World Heavyweight ChampionAbout
Dr. Stephen Koff DC

Dr. Moiré MD is one of the most astute, competent, and caring physicians I have ever had the privilege to work with and receive care from. My family and I enjoyed and greatly benefited from this world class house-call service beyond any of the usual hurried and germ-filled office based or clinic experiences. Dr. Laura’s remarkable diagnostic skill, her grasp and mastery of the most complicated of medical cases, and her wonderful bedside manner make her truly an unique and astounding medical practitioner and healer.

Dr. Stephen Koff DCChiropractic SpecialistHealthgrade
Elizabeth Rauscher

Since I was an undergraduate in college, I consulted numerous medical doctors and was subjected to extensive and repeated medical testing for a horribly painful, yet intermittent abdominal condition. While I was working on an international theoretical physics project in Hawaii, my colleague referred me to Dr. Laura. Within minutes Dr. Laura correctly diagnosed me and probably saved my life by guiding me to an appropriate surgical resolution. Surgery was something I have had much fear about, but Dr. Laura also gave me the support and reassurance I needed to get through it. There are some rare intuitive diagnostic experts in the world – I consider Dr. Laura to rank high amongst them. She combines the technical modern medical tools with the knowledge of ancient healing traditions and was admired and honored even by the late remaining true Kahunas of Hawaii Island before they passed.

Elizabeth RauscherB.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics and Engineering from UC Berkeley, Biomedical Technology Inventor, Research Consultant to NASA, United Nations and moreElizabethRauscher.net
Ruth A.

This is what medicine ought to be: sitting down with a caring and skilled person to talk over a problem and then talk about options. I had a gout attack that was getting progressively worse. The doctor came to my condo, heard me out, examined my foot, and then asked other questions about my general health. She made a number of helpful suggestions but I never felt pushed or judged.

When it was over, I had the prescription I needed plus some good leads on self-care.

I cannot imagine any way this could have been better.

Ruth A.San Leandro, CA Yelp Review
 Jenny G.

Dr. Laura and Mana deliver exceptional care. They spent quite a bit of time with us, and were very thorough. We were quite anxious before they arrived, but after they left, we felt calm and knowledgable about how to proceed with our care. Dr. Laura exudes warmth and caring, and even followed up her visit a couple of days later with a phone call to check on our progress. I highly recommend Priority Care Hawaii.

Jenny G.Seattle, WAYelp Review
Brittany S.

Dr. Laura and Mana truly take the approach of “servicing patients instead of processing patients.”  I couldn’t have asked for more genuinely caring, professionally thorough, and collaborative care while In Hawaii.  I was vacationing with family when I severely crushed my toe.  Dr. Laura and Mana arrived to the hotel room in the middle of the night to assess and suture me up –  that’s right, what I thought was a bad “toe stub” led to 7 stitches.  Not only were they thorough in their assessment but they arrived with more than enough equipment to make the procedure sterile and pleasant.  They even had the pharmaceutical antibiotics needed to avoid infection.  Because of their care and excellent service, I was able to enjoy the remaining days of my vacation with no more then a slight limp.

The cost was not through the roof as I initially expected when I heard “house call doctor.”  Coming from the east coast I expected surge charges, convenience charges, and the like.  Mana took the time to talk to me on the phone prior to arriving to calm my financial anxiety – he was empathic, patient with my questions, and accurate with all the information he provided me about cost.  Truthfully, the cost was very reasonable and FAR less then any east coast ER bill.  Also, they provided all the paperwork I needed to make an insurance claim for reimbursement before they left that night.  Further, Dr. Laura wanted to arrange a follow-up appointment (no additional charge) within 48 hours to make sure the sutures were healing, there was no infection, and to assess the health of my toe nail.

Unfortunately, I had travel plans for O’ahu 36 hours later.  Therefore, she contacted me and kept in touch via text messages by sending pictures.  She was able to assess that things looked good and even provided a recommendation for the physician who was to remove my stitches when I got back to the mainland.  Now 2 weeks later, I can say that she saved my toe nail!  I really thought it was a goner.  I can’t say I’ve ever experiences medical service like this.  It was a blessing.

My gratitude for the their kindness and care is beyond words.  It’s an experience that I won’t forget.  This is truly what medical care should be.  A most sincere Mahalo to Dr. Laura and Mana!  Keep up the excellent care and service!  I hope to meet again!

Brittany S.Washington, DCYelp Review
Laura T.

Dr. Laura worked with my dad when he got sick on our vacation. She came to our condo and spent a ton of time not only to diagnose him but also to educate him and fully understand his lifestyle. We are so appreciative of her compassionate care. Highly recommend.

Laura T.San Ramon, CAYelp Review
Jason R.

Doctor Laura practices real medicine, not the type dictated by insurance companies or Big Pharm. Her interest is in the wellness of her patients and she practices medicine the way it should be, the way it was before the fast food model of “in and out” became the norm. Doctor Laura and Mona came to my hotel at the Waikoloa Marriott and conveniently examined me and took my medical history.  She and Mona gave excellent advice and insight into my condition and I feel very hopeful that I’ll be on the mend soon. Even though I live on the mainland, I’m confident Doctor Laura will be a big part of my future care and is an excellent reason to return to this paradise 🙂 If you live here or you’re visiting and have medical issues, do yourself a favor and call for an appointment. In my case, they were here within a hour on a Sunday. I could go on and on, but see for yourself. Be well, and cheers to wellness!

Jason R.Ladera Ranch, CAYelp Review
 Rainforest C.

I am so grateful for Priority Care Hawaii and Dr. Laura and Mana.  My baby old had bronchitis, a virus, ear infection, and other ailments while we were on vacation and they came to our condo in the middle of the night and on two follow up visits and helped us nurse him back to health and avoid a trip to a hospital.

They took time, were patient, involved me in the process, made sure I understood everything, and were just genuinely so nice and helpful.

Also she had all the medication we needed as she travels w/ supplies and can do a lot on your site -stitches, medicine, etc.

Wish Dr. Laura was my dr back home! Thank you.

Rainforest C.San Francisco, CAYelp Review
 A W.

My 2.5 year old son was ill during our stay in Waikoloa, Laura and Mana saved us a trip to the ER and got my son back up and running.  The speed and professionalism was top notch, not to mention the human component of having two people that you could tell cared.  The pricing was very reasonable given the level of care we received, and they carefully explained the insurance reimbursement process.  Hopefully you don’t need these services on vacation, but if you do priority care is the way to go.

A W. Los Angeles, CAYelp Review
Jim M.

My wife and I are on vacation on the Hawaiian Islands for three weeks celebrating our 25th anniversary, while on the big island I came down with a serious infection. Noticing a referral letter in our condo I called Doctor Laura Moiré MD.
When I called her it was late evening and her assistant Mana answered, Mana with a very calm and reassuring voice asked me some questions and within 5 minutes I was speaking with Doctor Moiré, we spoke for some time. Feeling reassured I made an appointment for Doctor Moiré to come to our condo the next morning.
After a very thorough exam and health history, Doctor Moiré diagnosed and prescribed the proper medicine. What a blessing big island of Hawaii has to have a Doctor with a house call practice like this. We have nothing like this at home in Minnesota I sure wish we did.
Thank you Doctor Moiré and Mana!

Jim M.Hugo, MNYelp Review
 Wendy F.

Amazing people. Helped my son with some ear problems but also helped my whole family with sinus problems. We are so happy. Thank you for the excellent care.

Wendy F.Rancho Santa Fe, CAYelp Review
 David H.

Unfortunately on my second day of our vacation I sliced up my ankle and needed stitches. Fortunately I found a referral for Dr. Laura who came to our condo promptly. She did a fantastic job cleaning the wound and stitching it up. She’s really awesome and wish I could get that type of excellent health care and service on the mainland. I highly recommend and would definite use again, but I hope that won’t be necessary.

Mahalo nui loa Dr. Laura!

David H.Dublin, CAYelp Review
Karen K.

I had the unforeseen need for medical assistance.  In doing my research I came across Dr. Laura, and I must say she exceeded all of my expectations.

She came to my hotel room, did a very thorough exam both historically and physically.  She was prepared ahead of time by bringing various medications that might be required.

Her follow up has been superb and I am very thankful for the direction and solutions she provided. She is compassionate and truly concerned for her patient’s wellbeing.

I found while staying on the Kona Coast that medical care is very hard to come by.  After driving 30 miles to Waimea to the ER three days prior, it was a relief to find Dr Laura.

If you should ever have the need for medical attention, I highly recommend Dr. Laura.

Karen K.Washoe Valley, NVYelp Review
Shannon B.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Laura and Mona. My 5 year old daughter cut her heel on our first day of vacation and needed stitches. Dr. Laura came to us within a few hours. We were so happy to be able to stay at the comfort of our rental house versus sitting in an urgent care center. When Dr. Laura and Mona arrived they put us at ease. They took their time and explained everything that was about to happen. She gave realistic and practical advice about stitches and water, realizing that we were on vacation and my daughter would bin in the water with her stitches. Thank you Dr. Laura and Mona. You turned an otherwise bad occurrence into the best possible experience. Aloha!

Shannon B.San Francisco, CAYelp Review
Jordan M.

While vacationing my mother came down with strep throat and Dr. Laura came at 5 in the morning to give her medical exam and provide prescriptions for her! Was so nice to be able to stay in our condo and not have to wait hours in an emergency room 40 mins away. She was so nice and professional I would definitely recommend Dr. Laura to everyone on the island!

Jordan M.Kailua-Kona, HIhttps://www.yelp.com/biz/priority-care-hawaii-waikoloa-2
 Rosanna G.

I had the misfortune to get sick while on vacation. Dr. Laura was simply amazing! She came to our rental condo and not only treated the current issue but also had some interesting and useful suggestions for managing other medical issues. It was so nice having a house visit – I wish all doctors would make house calls. It certainly makes treatment more comfortable. Furthermore, she spent more time with me than most typical doctors do. I really appreciated the personalized care. Thank you Dr. Laura!

Rosanna G.Redwood City, CAYelp Review
 Jeannette S.

We unfortunately had a sick two-year old during our trip and had to contact a doctor. Dr. Laura came to us at are hotel so there was no driving for an hour trying to find an urgent care or pediatrician open on Memorial Day Weekend. Dr. Laura was thorough and took her time in evaluating my son’s situation. Her team was very personable and went way beyond expectations. She delivered medication to the front within an hour or so of working with us. I highly recommend Dr. Laura for anyone wanting personalized health care and/or traveling in the area with family. They are also available 24/7!

Jeannette S.Tempe, AZYelp Review
Liz F.

Dr. Laura and Mana are so comforting and such a great team to work with. I hurt my back really bad while working in Hawaii and was unable to get out of bed or drive to get my medications. Mana drove all the way into town and picked them up for me while Dr. Laura was administering a full head to toe examination. This team not only uses traditional medical techniques but combines world medicine and a holistic approach as well. They were truly a life saver and I am so thankful they were available. I will forever be grateful for their approach, generosity and Aloha spirit.

Liz F.Oklahoma City, OKYelp Review
Elizabeth W.

Personable and exceptional care. Thankful that they are so close to my home. Came to my home and assisted in nursing me back to health. I was back to work in two days. Another medical issue was identified as a result of her visit and so grateful that it was brought to my attention. She even followed up days later to see how I was doing and extend any further assistance if I needed it. I am so appreciative of her care and highly recommend Dr. Laura and Priority Care Hawaii.

Elizabeth W.Waikoloa Village, HIYelp Review